1. 11/1Social Epistemology Working Group: Neftali Villanueva Fernadez (Granada)
  1. 11/1"Faces, Masks, Bodies: Contemporary Cuban Writing, Art, and Performance."
  1. 11/1Cosmopolitismos. Transficción. (In Spanish)
  1. 11/1MCB Seminar Series: Dr. Takashi Akera
  1. 11/2Algebra Seminar
    Weyl and Zariski chambers on projective surfaces
    Nabanita Ray (Chennai Mathematical Institute)
  1. 11/2Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon
  1. 11/2Astronomy Seminar
  1. 11/2Condensed Matter Physics Seminar
  1. 11/2Astronomy Seminar
  1. 11/2Psychology Colloquium: Dr. Toni Schmader
  1. 11/2Statistics Colloquium, Lucy Gao
  1. 11/3Transcribathon
  1. 11/3Neuroscience Seminar Series - Storace
  1. 11/3InCHIP Lecture: Daniel Almirall, Ph.D., University of Michigan
  1. 11/3Leading Institutional Cultural Changes Using a Change Management Model: a DEI Example
  1. 11/3Work In Progress
  1. 11/3Chemistry Colloquium: Dugan Hayes, University of Rhode Island
  1. 11/3EEB Seminar: Kathleen Segerson (UConn)
  1. 11/3Mathematics Colloquium
    The Combinatorics of Macdonald Polynomials and Bigraded Character Formulas
    Jim Haglund (University of Pennsylvania)
  1. 11/3 “Picking A Side? Korea’s Complicated Pacific Strategy”
  1. 11/3BBQ, Music, and the Beat of America: Dr J.D. Bowers
  1. 11/3Ricardo Padrón on Spanish Encounters with China
  1. 11/3Julie Choffel and Thomas Long: Creative Sustenance Reading
  1. 11/3"Maurice Sendak and the World of Puppetry" Online Forum
  1. 11/3Amy Weiss: Passports for Palestine - Forged Travel Documents and American Volunteers in Israel's War of Independence
  1. 11/4RMME Spring 2023 Application Deadline!
  1. 11/4Ricardo Padrón on Mapping in Early Modern Spain
  1. 11/4Marine Sciences Seminar: Bärbel Hönisch
  1. 11/4Earth Sciences Seminar Series: Dr. Stephen Monna
  1. 11/4Philosophy Department Colloquium: Kit Fine
  1. 11/4Foreign Policy Seminar - "America's Fight Over Israel" Eric Alterman
  1. 11/4Melissa Harris-Perry - Women's Center 50th Anniversary
  1. 11/5CWP Writers Retreat
  1. 11/5Women's Center 50th Anniversary Brunch
  1. 11/6CWP Writers Retreat
  1. 11/7Build Quantitative Research & Evaluation Skills Online!
  1. 11/7CWP Writers Retreat
  1. 11/7Actuarial Science Seminar
    Longitudinal Claim Count Models Using Splines for Predictive Ratemaking
    Roxane Turcotte (University of Quebec at Montreal)
  1. 11/7Dr. Llana Barber Paper Discussion
  1. 11/7Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics Seminar
  1. 11/7The One State Solution in Israel-Palestine: Rethinking Statehood and Self-determination
  1. 11/7Dr. Llana Barber Public Lecture
  1. 11/7Sociology 4+1 MA Information Session
  1. 11/8Writing Workshop with Carlos Manuel Álvarez (in Spanish with English Interpretation) (In Person)
  1. 11/8Writing Workshop: Carlos Manuel Álvarez.
  1. 11/8MCB Seminar Series: Dr. Andy Moeller
  1. 11/8Artistas y su papel en el siglo XXI/Artists and their Function in the 21st Century
  1. 11/8Speculative Fiction: Past, Present, and Future
  1. 11/9Algebra Seminar
    Applications of Dedekind’s Index Theorem to Cryptography
    Charanjit Jutla (IBM T. J. Watson Research Center)
  1. 11/9 A Troubled Birth: The 1930s and American Public Opinion
  1. 11/9Condensed Matter Physics Seminar
  1. 11/9ECOM Spotlight Series: Marie Coppola
  1. 11/9Women's Networking Forum
  1. 11/9Chemistry Colloquium: Victor Rhyzhov, Northern Illinois University
  1. 11/9From Crisis to Activism: The Human Right to Adequate Food in the 1970s
  1. 11/9Annual Neuroscience At Storrs
  1. 11/9PNB Seminar Series - Dr. Wu-Min Deng
  1. 11/9Statistics Colloquium, Haben Michael
  1. 11/9Long River Reading Series
  1. 11/10Reading Group: The Practical Renaissance
  1. 11/10Neuroscience Seminar Series - Zhang
  1. 11/10Public Policy Information Session - Master of Arts in Survey Research
  1. 11/10Webinar: Fighting the Infodemic: Using News Literacy and Social Media to Combat Health Misinformation
  1. 11/10InCHIP Lecture: Ali Rowhani-Rahbar, "Extreme Risk Protection Orders to Prevent Firearm-Related Harm"
  1. 11/10EEB Virtual Seminar: Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz (Univ. of Calgary)
  1. 11/10Graduate Student Seminar: José Ortiz-Garcia, UConn, Quardokus Group
  1. 11/10Stewards of the Land | Film Screening & Director Talk Back
  1. 11/10CWP Leadership Council Meeting
  1. 11/10Judaic Studies Kristallnacht Lecture w/Daniel Greene, "Americans and the Holocuast"
  1. 11/11Probability and Data Science Colloquium
  1. 11/11RMME-STAT Colloquium
  1. 11/11Geography Colloquium - Dr. Susan Cutter
  1. 11/11Graduate Student Seminar
  1. 11/11ECOM Speaker Series: Kate Stanton
  1. 11/11Equity and Social Justice Reading Group
  1. 11/14Health Research Program Information Session
  1. 11/14Particle, Astrophysics and Nuclear Physics Seminar
  1. 11/14Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics Seminar
  1. 11/14Doctoral Dissertation Oral Defense of Chelsea Guest
  1. 11/15Report for America Information Session
  1. 11/15“The Confederation Alternative for Israel and Palestine: Fantasy or the Only Way Forward?"
  1. 11/15Public Policy Information Session - Master of Public Admin., Public Policy, Fast Track
  1. 11/15AAASI Research Slam
  1. 11/15MCB Seminar Series: Dr. Anna Tarakanova
  1. 11/15Bilingual Reading/Conversation with Jamila Medina, Eilyn Lombard, in conversation with Katerina Gonzalez Seligmann
  1. 11/15Letters Of Recommendation: Who And How To Ask
  1. 11/15Picturing the Pandemic: Curation, Collaboration, and the Power of Journaling
  1. 11/15#ThisIsAmerica: Sexual Violence
  1. 11/16Algebra Seminar
    Unimodal singularities and boundary divisors in the KSBA moduli of a class of Horikawa surfaces
    Patricio Gallardo (UC Riverside)
  1. 11/16DHMS Talk: The Ends Of Knowledge
  1. 11/16Condensed Matter Physics Seminar
  1. 11/16Chemistry Colloquium: Miles Johnson, University of Richmond
  1. 11/16UCHI Fellow's Talk: Joseph Darda
  1. 11/16PNB Seminar Series: Dr. Kun-Liang Guan
  1. 11/16EGL Virtual Info Session for Biology Students
  1. 11/16CLAS Career Night: Government, Law, And Policy
  1. 11/16CLAS Career Night: Government, Law, And Policy
  1. 11/17National Council of Teachers of English Annual Convention
  1. 11/17Ph.D. Dissertation Defense of Nabil Tueme
  1. 11/17Transcribathon
  1. 11/17PSGSA Coffee Hours
  1. 11/17M3EWB Talk @ InCHIP Lecture Series: Shannon Suldo, PhD
  1. 11/17Behavioral and Neurophysiological Evidence Regarding the Influence of Oculomotor Circuitry on Auditory Spatial Tasks
  1. 11/17Edwin Way Teale Lecture: John Leshy (Univ. California Berkeley)
  1. 11/17Health Research Program Information Session (Vritual)
  1. 11/17"Juggling Multiple Hats: Balancing Family Obligations & Professional Life"
  1. 11/18National Council of Teachers of English Annual Convention
  1. 11/18PSELC: Leadership Development Roundtable, An Introduction
  1. 11/18PhD Dissertation Defense
  1. 11/18Statistics Colloquium, Hongtu Zhu
  1. 11/18Marine Sciences Seminar: Jesse Farmer
  1. 11/18Logic Colloquium: Lionel Shapiro
  1. 11/18Geography Colloquium - Dr. Michael Demers
  1. 11/18IONM Virtual Infosession 11-18
  1. 11/18Transgender Day of Remembrance
  1. 11/18Linguistics Colloquium: Viola Schmitt
  1. 11/18Dr. Sylvester James Gates (UConn Physics Colloquium)
  1. 11/19National Council of Teachers of English Annual Convention
  1. 11/19CWP Teacher-as-Writer Workshop
  1. 11/20National Council of Teachers of English Annual Convention
  1. 11/21Build Quantitative Research & Evaluation Skills Online!
  1. 11/28Actuarial Science Seminar
    Dynamic Prediction of Outstanding Insurance Claims Using Joint Models for Longitudinal and Survival Outcomes
    Lu Yang (University of Minnesota - Twin Cities)
  1. 11/28Phyllis Young: Defending Native American Rights and the Importance of Making Kin
  1. 11/28Ashley J. Bohrer (Gender and Peace Studies, Notre Dame)
  1. 11/28Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics Seminar
  1. 11/29Feminist Film Fest
  1. 11/30Condensed Matter Physics Seminar
  1. 11/30Publishing Now: Access, Representation, Collaboration
  1. 11/30Chemistry Colloquium: James Blakemore, University of Kansas
  1. 11/30Psychology Colloquium: Dr. Steven Roberts
  1. 11/30Letters Of Recommendation: Who And How To Ask
  1. 11/30Ordinary Curators at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
  1. 11/30PNB Seminar Series - Dr. Marcelo Dietrich