1. 3/1Algebra Seminar
    Number Theory Day
    NT Day speaker
  1. 3/1Wed. Workshop- Professors Chang and Dudden
  1. 3/1Statistics Colloquium, Paul Cislo
  1. 3/1Film Screening: Chinatown Rising
  1. 3/1Aetna Writer in Residence: Chen Chen
  1. 3/2Neuroscience Seminar Series - Pestilli
  1. 3/2Transcribathon
  1. 3/2Mathematics Colloquium
    Arithmetic Statistics: An Outsider’s View
    David Rohrlich (Boston University)
  1. 3/2Networking
  1. 3/3Humanities Undergraduate Research Symposium
  1. 3/3Marine Sciences Seminar: Gail Schwieterman
  1. 3/3Geography Colloquium - Dr. Marcello Graziano
  1. 3/3MCB DEI Special Seminar: Why Trans Inclusion Leads to Better Science
  1. 3/3PNB Research In Progress Talks - Maggie Khuu
  1. 3/3Dr. John Sarrao, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  1. 3/3BIRC Speaker: Franco Pestilli
  1. 3/4UConn Botanical Conservatory Tour
  1. 3/6Actuarial Science Seminar
    Diagnostic Tests Before Modeling Longitudinal Actuarial Data
    Tsz Chai Fung (Georgia State University)
  1. 3/7Possible Knowledge: Debapriya Sarkar Book Talk
  1. 3/7CLAS Career Night: Research Across the Disciplines
  1. 3/7Early Childhood Specializations, Virtual Open House
  1. 3/7Coastal Perspectives Lecture Series
  1. 3/8CLAS presents "Ask an Advisor" Event
  1. 3/8Entrepreneurship & Innovation Policy Research
  1. 3/8Algebra Seminar
    On the Spectrum and Support Theory of a Finite Tensor Category
    Milen Yakimov (Northeastern University)
  1. 3/8Chemistry Colloquium: Alison Frontier, University of Rochester
  1. 3/8History Honors Thesis Workshop
  1. 3/8COGS Colloquium: Dr. Naselaris
  1. 3/8Statistics Colloquium, Jingjing Yin
  1. 3/8Long River Reading Series
  1. 3/9Neuroscience Seminar Series - Harris
  1. 3/9InCHIP Lecture: Cassondra Marshall - "Improving Family Planning Care for Patients with Type 2 Diabetes and Hypertension"
  1. 3/9Subverting Statues: Race, Space, Performance, and the Arab American National Museum
  1. 3/9Reading Group
  1. 3/9EEB Seminar: Philip Stephens (Durham University)
  1. 3/9Mathematics Colloquium
    Rationality in families
    Brendan Hassett (Brown University)
  1. 3/9CWP Leadership Council Meeting
  1. 3/10PSELC: Key Elements to Building Successful Alliances and Cross-Sector Partnerships
  1. 3/10PNB Research In Progress Talks - Sydney Ballou and Kristen Springer
  1. 3/10IONM Virtual Infosession-3-10-23
  1. 3/13Build Quantitative Research & Evaluation Skills Online!
  1. 3/15CCEI Summer Fellowship Application Deadline
  1. 3/17Marine Sciences Seminar: Ari Feinberg
  1. 3/21Early Childhood Specializations, Virtual Open House
  1. 3/21POLS Presentation: Advisors in Foreign Policy
  1. 3/21The Coloniality of Law in the US and Brazilian Indigenous Peoples' Contexts
  1. 3/21MCB Seminar Series: Dr. Tory Hendry
  1. 3/21Career Panel Discussion: "Counselors and Spiritual Seekers”
  1. 3/21Music Ed Master's-Info Session
  1. 3/21Coastal Perspectives Lecture Series
  1. 3/22Middle East Studies Colloquium: Activism in War: How International Aid Shapes Nonviolent Action in Violent Contexts
  1. 3/22Chemistry Colloquium: Marino Resendiz, University of Colorado, Denver
  1. 3/22CLAS Accessibility Fellows Program: Making the Transition Into the Workplace
  1. 3/22Psi Chi Induction
  1. 3/23Transcribathon
  1. 3/23 Doctoral Dissertation Oral Defense of Yingzhou He
  1. 3/23Teale Lecture: Alan Weisman (Author, Journalis, Co-Founder of Homelands Produtions)
  1. 3/23Operation Babylift: An Adoptee's Perspectives on the Vietnam War
  1. 3/23Aetna Celebration of Creative Nonfiction: Elissa Washuta
  1. 3/24Philosophy Prospective Students Day
  1. 3/24RMME Summer 2023 Application Deadline!
  1. 3/24CCEI Verge Consulting Application Deadline
  1. 3/24PNB Research In Progress Talks - Teng Long and Yetunde Akinlaja
  1. 3/24Doctoral Dissertation Oral Defense of Anna Young
  1. 3/24UConn Botanical Conservatory Tour
  1. 3/24Linguistics Colloquium
  1. 3/25CWP Teacher-as-Writer Workshop
  1. 3/27Build Quantitative Research & Evaluation Skills Online!
  1. 3/27Build Quantitative Research & Evaluation Skills Online!
  1. 3/27CWP Summer Institutte Application Deadline
  1. 3/27Scholastic Writing Awards
  1. 3/28Legally and Medically Trans
  1. 3/28Music Ed Master's-Info Session
  1. 3/29Algebra Seminar
    Title TBA
    Speaker TBA (TBA)
  1. 3/29Graduate Student Colloquium
  1. 3/29Expand Your Career Options: Early Career Faculty
  1. 3/29Early Childhood Specializations, Virtual Open House
  1. 3/30EEB Ph.D. Defense: Henry Frye (UConn EEB)
  1. 3/30ECOM Spotlight Series: Hady Ba
  1. 3/30Neuroscience Seminar Series - Cowell
  1. 3/30Carl Wennerlind: "Scarcity: A History from the Origins of Capitalism to the Climate Crisis"
  1. 3/30Reading Group
  1. 3/30EEB Seminar: Lisa Taylor (University of Florida)
  1. 3/30Anne Enright/Gerson Irish Reading
  1. 3/31CPILJ Symposium: Are Parental Rights Always in the Best Interest of Children?
  1. 3/31Doctoral Dissertation Oral Defense of Eleanor Fisk
  1. 3/31PSELC: Ethics and Accountability in the Public Sector
  1. 3/31PNB Research In Progress Talks - Dr. Baosheng Zeng
  1. 3/31Annual Logic Lecture: Maria Aloni (ILLC, Amsterdam)
  1. 3/31Prof. Eleanor Close, Texas State (Physics Colloquium)
  1. 3/31Linguistics Colloquium