On the Outside

In 2014, Purple States and DCTV collaborated to bring the reentry experience to life through the stories of 'ordinary' prisoners on parole. As there is limited public awareness of the realities that impede successful reentry, this project adds accuracy and complexity to the issue. We hope On the Outside (OTO) will inform thought leaders and policymakers, and provoke an honest conversation about the impact of prison on the futures of inmates and their children. Click here to see "Behind Bars" presented by 60 minutes or see the "Life on Parole" documentary below.

In partnership with the documentary's producers, the Institute for Municipal & Regional Policy has screened this documentary locally to build broader public awareness and understanding around issues of prisoner re-entry. Building on this experience, the IMRP produced a case study of how documentary journalism of this kind can inform discussions of policy and practice (view full case study & Executive summary). Although we are no longer actively seeking out screening locations, we have designed a screening toolkit and welcome the opportunity to assist any entities wishing to screen the documentary.

Please explore this page to learn more about On the Outside. Funding for this project is provided by The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven and the Kellogg Foundation.

Life on Parole | Frontline | PBS

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FRONTLINE and The New York Times go inside an effort to change the way parole works in Connecticut and reduce the number of people returning to prison. The film follows four former inmates as they try to find work, stay sober and keep out of trouble while navigating their first year on parole. View the video transcript. Click on the links below to see more.