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IMRP's Ken Barone in New York Times policing article

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Children with Incarcerated Parents

Aileen Keays on BBC News – discussing the impact of parental incarceration. Learn more about the CIP Initiative.

Sentencing Commission: Symposium

On December 7, 2018, the Connecticut Sentencing Commission held a symposium at the University of Connecticut Law School on "Sex Offender Registration and Management: Legal and Evidence-Based Practices." Speakers included Judge Mary Huffman of the Ohio Common Pleas Court, who addressed the issue from a judge's perspective; Professor Eric Janus from the Mitchell Hamline School of Law in St. Paul, who discussed effective policies and laws that prevent sexual violence; Eileen Redden, president of the Connecticut Association for the Treatment of Sexual Offenders, who talked about the collateral consequences of the sexual offender registry; and Dr. Robin Wilson, who addressed the national perspective on this issue. An afternoon panel discussion included Judge Robert J. Devlin, Jr., chair of the Sentencing Commission; state legislators Senator John Kissel and Representative Steve Stafstrom; and Laura Cordes, executive director of the Connecticut Alliance to End Sexual Violence.

The 137 participants included members of the judicial system (judges, state's attorneys, public defenders, probation officers, and other staff from the Judicial Branch); social workers and psychologists; private program providers; victim advocates; police officers; graduate and law students; and other stakeholders in the management of the state's sex offender registry. Below are links to the press coverage.

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Racial Profiling Prohibition Report

The Supplemental Report was released on October 18, 2018. The report includes an in-depth follow-up analysis of the 8 municipal police departments identified in the November 2017 report. A main goal for the follow-up analysis was to better understand whether statistical disparities identified in the department level analysis could be driven by specific department-wide practices or by individual officers. Ultimately the approach included in this report is a mix of previously utilized and newly developed statistical and descriptive analyses, coupled with an on-going dialogue with each department. Below are links to the press coverage:

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New England Radio: New Racial Profiling Report Focuses On Eight Connecticut Police Departments

CTN: Recording of Report Release

For more information visit Racial Profiling website.