The 2009 Drug Policy Civic Theater Project

Spring 2009 Drug Policy Pre-Performance Process

The HartBeat Ensemble spent several months working with Dr. Bob Painter, IMRP researcher, as well as many people who have a plethora of experience in issues regarding drug policy. HartBeat has interviewed ex-offenders, ex-addicts, health workers, law enforcement, drug counselors, and policy makers. During the spring semester 2009, CCSU theatre students began their own process of exploring drug issues as relate to college students. With this information Hartbeat, the CCSU Theatre and the IMRP created performances that are complex and true to real-life. Sojourn Theatre, national experts in “Civic Theater”, spent five days in April 2009 with HartBeat, CCSU Theatre students and the IMRP to refine these plays to be relevant and precise in moving forward the discussion about drug policy.

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On April 15, 1931, a hearing was held by the Committee on Federal Relations to discuss whether or not the state of Connecticut should repeal the 18th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which prohibited the sale and transportation of intoxicating liquors. Presided over by State Senator Don Cambria, arguments were presented for or against the U.S. government allowing individual states to repeal the 18th Amendment.

Civic Theatre

‘Civic theatre’ aims to bring an adventurous theatricality to a focused interrogation of contemporary issues by offering spaces for civic engagement throughout the process of developing new performance. It’s a porous series of events combining research, participatory activity, and studio (artist-focused) sessions that allow, invite and demand community members and community expertise into the dramaturgy before and after production in a variety of ways. This institute offers sequences of physical activity, solo to group work, and devising strategies that investigate the relationship between story, idea, perspective and fact.

The HartBeat Ensemble

The HartBeat Ensemble creates original, professional theater about issues that are relevant to the people of Greater Hartford and beyond. Through Mainstage plays, open-air performances and their educational programming, HartBeat brings audiences together beyond the barriers of gender, class, and race and inspires individuals toward meaningful social change.