Building Bridges II: A Continuing Discussion on Connecticut’s Justice Reinvestment Initiative

Session One: Welte Hall, CCSU


All entities administering and/or affected by Connecticut criminal justice policies and practices
including: state legislators and local elected offi cials; state and municipal agencies; the Judicial
Branch; law enforcement; non-profi t provider organizations; business leaders; academics
and students; and local and statewide community-based organizations


Where are we now? A status update and informed discussion on criminal justice policies
and practices in Connecticut, with particular focus on the offender re-entry strategy
(Public Act 04-234) and the concept of justice reinvestment

View Update of P.A. 04-234

Keynote Speaker

Debbie Mukumal
Director Prisoner Reentry Institute
John Jay College of Criminal Justice, NYC


Session Two: Welte Hall, CCSU


What’s next? An informed discussion on the next steps to: (1) facilitate implementation and
funding of the offender re-entry strategy and the justice reinvestment concept; (2) enhance
state and local collaboration on criminal justice and offender re-entry issues; and (3) further
identify and reduce the barriers to re-entry among offenders and ex-offenders


"Doing Well by Doing Right At the Crossroads of Justice, Connecticut and Beyond"

Delivered by Prof. Ruth Gilmore, USC.