Drug Policy Conference: Evidence based drug policies within out state


One of the IMRP’s areas of focus is the Connecticut criminal justice system. Drug policy and criminal justice policy have become increasingly intertwined in the past thirty years, with limited consideration given to the long term impact of either. The IMRP created the Drug Policy Project in 2009 as a response to an increased interest in revisiting existing drug policy. The project explores the use of evidence based drug policies within our state in an effort to serve as a resource to policy makers.

Fiscal Implications of Current Drug Policy

The IMRP is currently collecting data on costs related to police arrests for drug related offenses, judicial data pertaining to the cost of processing drug offenders and incarceration costs for such offenses.

For further information on this project, contact the IMRP.

League of Women Voters

In Southeastern Connecticut

The IMRP is assisting LWVSECT with their research regarding police officer attitudes concerning the current drug policies in the state. The study specifically focuses on marijuana with the overall goal of ascertaining facts, policy alternatives and consequences.

For further information on this project, contact the IMRP.


IMRP researcher Dr. Bob Painter is writing in-depth articles on aspects of drug policy as part of the Drug Policy Project. PDF versions of these articles are available below.

Exploration of the Concept of Harm Reduction

Report on Holland’s Approach to Drug Use

Where are the Doctors?

A Better Way to Treat Abuse: Expanding Treatment For Addiction — Both In And Out Of Prison — Would Help Break Cycle of Drug Abuse And Crime

How To Beat City Crime: Legalize Drugs