Film Fridays: May 8, 2020. “John Oliver: Bail”

Film Fridays screens a clip on bail from John Oliver’s show, “Last Week Tonight”. Jurisdictions around the country have been successfully reexamining their bail statutes and practices in an effort to move towards risk-based and evidence-based systems. But what is pretrial justice success? How do we get there? What are the obstacles?

Moderated by FOX61 and IMRP’s Stan Simpson and IMRP’s Alex Tsarkov


  • Judge Robert Devlin, Chair of the Sentencing Commission
  • Retired Judge Jonathan Silbert
  • Attorney Thea Sebastian, Policy Counsel at Civil Rights Corps
  • Attorney Tim Schnacke

IMRP: FILMFRIDAY SERIES: Pretrial Justice Reform from IMRP on Vimeo.