Natalie Casanova

Public Outreach Coordinator

Natalie Casanova is a recent graduate from UConn with a bachelor’s degree in human rights and political science. As the Public Outreach Coordinator, she manages the Connecticut Racial Profiling Prohibition Project’s social media accounts and community engagement.

Ms. Casanova has been a lifelong advocate for human rights and racial equity. While serving on the UCTV executive board in 2020, she co-founded Uplift, a diversity initiative for UConn’s student-run television channel. Using her knowledge of video production, natural leadership and her own experiences in the media sphere, Ms. Casanova was able to create a space for students of color to create content surrounding their identity and speak freely about studying at a PWI.

Ms. Casanova has recently been accepted into UConn Law School where she hopes to continue advocating for racial equity, human rights, and inclusive policy.

IMRP intern
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