Poverty, Criminal Justice and Race: A Time To Talk

Panel discussion followed by small-group conversations

Poverty, criminal justice and race… How are these issues affecting residents of Connecticut? How can we create a criminal justice system that works fairly for all? What can we do to make change, as individuals and families, in our cities and towns, and as a state? A panel of speakers – including author Peter Edelman talking about his book Not a Crime to Be Poor – will ground us in the issues we are facing.


Featuring Keynote – Peter Edelman, Author, Carmack Waterhouse Professor of Law and Public Policy, Georgetown University Law Center; Moderator – Andrew Clark, Institute for Municipal and Regional Policy;

Panelists – Anderson Curtis, ACLU Smart Justice; Ana María Rivera-Forastieri Co-Director of the Connecticut Bail Fund; and Judge Erika Tindill, Connecticut Superior Court.