Past Events

February 23, 2021                      Building Bridges: Connecticut at the Crossroads


October 27, 2020                      CT Collaborative's One State, One Film discussion on voting rights


August 20, 2020                        Connecticut Reentry Roundtable Collaborative Webinar on Voting Rights


July 16, 2020                             Theater Thursday: "Baldwin Buckley Debate"


July 9, 2020                              IMRP's Ken Barone in New York Times policing article


July 7, 2020                              Theater Thursday: "JOHN LEWIS: Get in the Way"


June 25, 2020                           Theater Thursdays: "Camden's Turn"


June 19, 2020                            The Criminal Justice Insider Podcast Season Three Wrap Show with Guest Aileen Keays


June 11, 2020                            Theater Thursdays: "Slavery to Mass Incarceration"


June 5, 2020                              Truth Reconciliation: A conversation About Race and Policing


June 5, 2020                              The Criminal Justice Insider Podcast with Babz Rawls Ivy & Jeff Grant


May 28, 2020                              Make It Happen: Civic Engagement


May 20, 2020                              Make It Happen: Employment/Labor Focus


May 15, 2020                              Film Fridays: "Halfway Home: A Father's Story"


May 13, 2020                               Make It Happen: Investing in Communities to Support Successful Reentry


May 8, 2020                               Film Fridays: "John Oliver: Bail"


May 6, 2020                                Make It Happen: The future of CT justice system


May 1, 2020                                Film Fridays: "One Night in January: Counting the Cost of Homelessness"


April 24, 2020                              Film Friday: Worst of The Worst


April 22, 2020                              Reentry During the COVID-19 Pandemic Web Series 3


April 15, 2020                              Reentry During the COVID-19 Pandemic Web Series 2


April 8th, 2020                            Reentry During the COVID-19 Pandemic Web Series 1


November 17, 2019                       Poverty, Criminal Justice and Race: A Time To Talk


March 13, 2019                            Building Bridges: Decarceration and the Community


December 7, 2018                       CT Sentencing Commission: Symposium on Sex Offender Registration and Management


December 6, 2018                        CT Sentencing Commission: Public Hearing


April 25, 2018                               Reentry Reform Day at the Capital


April 18, 2018                                Conversation on National Geographic article "The Stop" with author, Michael A. Fletcher 


March 1, 2018                                Building Bridges: Reframed


October 19, 2017                           CT Sentencing Commission: Symposium on Pretrial Justice


June 14, 2017                                 Reimagining Justice: National impact of crime and incarceration


January 5, 2016                              Building Bridges Refocused: Setting for re-entry in a second chance society


February 1, 2010                            Building Bridges V: Children of incarcerated parents


April 1, 2009                                    HartBeat: Drug policy civic theater project


January 5, 2008                              Drug Policy Conference: Evidence based drug policies within out state


January 17, 2008                            Building Bridges III: An examination of Connecticut's Re-Entry Policy


March 8, 2008                                 Building Bridges IV: Women, prison and the arts


September-November 2008           Lunchtime Speaker Series: Current topics in criminal justice


February 1, 2007                             Time In: Incarcerated Women's Experiences Through Performance Arts


January 12, 2006                             Building Bridges II: A continuing discussion on Connecticut's justice reinvestment